Thursday, 17 December 2015

Why Should You Host Your Site on Wordpress?

Now that you know what is web hosting; today we would talk about Wordpress.
Wordpress is an online publishing platform which helps users to publish their content and media online on their webpage or website so that it can be accessed through World Wide Web. 
Wordpress is one of the best platforms that you can work with while publishing your content online. Wordpress is owned by Automattic, a company started by the group of developers who founded Wordpress and the company is staffed with the full-time developers, designers, and support engineers which continue making your experience with Wordpress unmatched and much more beneficial than any other platform you have ever used. 
There are a lot of reasons which give Wordpress an edge over its potential competitors and make is one of the easiest and most reliable platforms you can work with and with ease. The following point’s state why hosting your website on Wordpress is much wiser option, let’s hear them all….

Why to Use Wordpress?

  • When you host your website on Wordpress, it provides you with premium hosting, security, and backup services. You can even upgrade to a custom domain name which is a great option.
  • You only need to focus on your content, let Wordpress all the other technical bits regarding the hosting service. This will take a great load off your head when it counts.
  • You can choose from hundreds of beautiful and impressive themes as you like. Didn’t liked any of the provided options? You can design one yourself using the custom design feature.
  • Who doesn’t like all their things together? Make your website much more interactive and integrate it with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks, together at one place.
  • Remember the trouble of have to install plug -in for every feature that makes your site interactive? Well no more of it ever, you get all the popular features like sharing, stats, comments, and polls are included previously!
  • Best customer support structure, Wordpress takes good care of its users and always gets the best feedback. You can reach the personal support and yes, the forums are always available.
Wordpress is made functional by us; it is a community-driven project and it is developed by and for people such as you only. To put all this in simple and more understandable manner, if you host your site on Wordpress, you can solely concentrate on creating beautiful contents without having to go through all the fuss regarding the download software, paying for hosting, or managing a web server and you can work on your target and make the World Wide Web a lot more helpful destination.
To avail all the possible opportunities with Wordpress, you must register for an account on and abide to their Terms of Service. Wordpress gives you the most helpful experience and makes publishing your content a lot more easier and considering all its features, if you use Wordpress once, you will never go back to using anything except Wordpress ever again to host your website!

What is a Web Hosting?

We type a URL and press ‘Enter’ and our web browser flashes the whole website in front of our eyes but have you wondered where is all that data stored which helps build the website we are seeing? 
Where is all that data stored which is available 24 / 7, anytime and to everyone? 
Well the answer is the owner does not transfer that to us, the server hosting that website provides us with the data our web browser needs to build that interactive website we see on the screen of our device.  
Servers are the machines which respond to the requests from other machines and provide the other machine with the requested data. 
Servers are the most important part of a Web Hosting services. Web hosting is basically a type of hosting service that allows the websites to be accessible all the time 24 / 7 via the World Wide Web and contain all the data of the website that is required for a user to access all the desired WebPages flawlessly. 

What is a Web Hosting?

Web Hosts are companies that provide these services, that is, the organizations that provide space on a server which they own or possess on contract to be used by clients.
The data files of the webpage or website can be transferred to the server hosting the webpage or website via File Transfer Protocol ( F T P ) and the job of server is to present the data files ‘as it is’. The service of Web Hosting varies widely. Generally the small sized websites or just singular web pages cost very minimal and negligible or advertisement sponsored and can host their site on servers on a very low cost as compared to the big business websites. The size of the website is an important factor in deciding the cost at which the website gets hosting services.
The web hosting services are judged on two basis, reliability and uptime. The availability of a website should not be confused with the uptime of server. The availability of a website accounts for the percentage of a year when the website was accessed whereas the uptime is referred to the system itself being online, that is, when the web server was online. Almost all the web hosts now guarantee at least 99.9% uptime that allows the web hosts to have 43 min of downtime per month or 8 hour and 45 min of downtime per year.

Types of web hosting services

The classification (or type) of web hosting services depends on many factors such as size of the website, the type of website, the type of hosting required, the speed of servers etc.
Free web hosting service, Shared web hosting service, Reseller web hosting, Virtual Dedicated Server (also known as Virtual Private Server), Dedicated hosting service, Managed hosting service, Colocation web hosting service, Cloud hosting, Clustered hosting, Grid hosting, Home server, File hosting service, Image hosting service, Video hosting service etc.
We hope you know what a Web Hosting is now, thanks for reading and please comment your quarries using the comment section below, we will be happy to hear from you.